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Loikaw is the capital of Kayah State, and is divided by the Belu Stream that flows from Inle Lake. It is situated 2915 feet above sea level and surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, lakes and waterfall.

You will discover beautiful Kayah hill scenery and a large number of distinctive tribal cultures, the most internationally famous of which are the Kayan, whose ‘long-necked’ womenfolk have a tradition of sporting coils around their necks. Sometimes called Padaung (although this is a Shan word and considered pejorative by the Kayan people), their 'long-neck' tradition is in fact gradually dying out; generally, only older women in some rural areas wears the rings.


The remote and sleepy capital of Kayah, Myanmar’s smallest – and one of its least visited – states, Loikaw is a long way from anywhere. It takes over 17 hours by bus from Yangon and 16 from Mandalay, although there are now regular flights from Yangon and it is possible to travel over land from Inle Lake and Kalaw. Normally tourists could travel from Inle Lake area using boat and car. Loikaw is also linked by the newly constructed Aungban – Pinlaong – Loikaw rail line.

Thiri Mingalar Taung Kwe Pagoda Hill

This is the most famous religious landmark of Loikaw and scenically built on a hillock overlooking the vast expanse of the environs. Thiri Mingalar Taung is 129 meter high over quiet city at prime location to enjoy panoramic view of Loikaw city, its surroundings, and the endless beauty of mountain ranges and the Loikaw Plain.

Loikaw Cultural Museum

It is located northern and tranquil place of Loikaw and gives some details on the tribes of Kayah State, as well as their varying traditional dresses and weaponry; perhaps its most interesting feature is the central totem pole that is also a major feature of many of Kayah villages, an animist tradition pre-dating Buddhism or Christianity.

Hta Nee La Leh Village

A simple farming village with tradtional Kayah totem poles and a Kaetoebu village hall, where the village shaman makes predictions. There are also some picturesque lakes to the south of the village.

Pan Pet Village

Higher into the hills is the Kayan village of Pan Pet, which offers opportunities for scenic hikes and chances to meet the local villagers - including the long-neck women. There are village stalls where local handicrafts can be purchased, including bracelets and colourful scarves.

Kyet Cave

It is located 15km east of Loikaw on the road to Shadaw, makes for an interesting trip. At the entrance to this impressive cave there is a wooden hut inhabited by an old monk who is always keen to show visitors around and offer coffee and biscuits.

Demawso Market

It is at the small town, located 7 miles away from Loikaw and famous for local products and imports products from Thailand.

Law-Pi-Ta Hydro Power Plant

This is situated outside of Loikaw and the biggest hydro power plant in Myanmar, supplying 40% of the country usage.

Ngwe Taung Damn

It is located just outside of Loikaw and it is famous for photo stop and picturesque view.

“Hte-Ko Village” and “Lisu Village” are also worth visiting if you have extra time and located a bit far from Loikaw.

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