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Kyaing Tong (OR) Keng Tong


Kyaing Tong is the capital of Eastern Shan State, situated 2710 feet above sea level and neighboring with China, Lao and Thailand. The title of Keng Tong is Khemarata Tungkapuri but now well known as Golden Triangle Region. It’s surrounded by Mountain and Hills, so Called Keng Tong Valley. The town was once surrounded by a brick wall and moat about 5 miles round but now it is disillusion, only one city gate is left. Keng Tong city town teems with genuine local atmosphere with colonial architecture mixing with Shan and Chinese buildings and narrow alleys winding through quiet neighborhoods. A lake in the middle of town is circled by restaurants serving Shan Food, all of it over looked by a people by some of eastern Shan State’s numerous ethnic groups, including Akha, Eng (Ann), Lahu, Palaung, Shan and Wa. They retain their traditional costumes and way of life.


There are regular flights services from Yangon, Mandalay and Heho (Inle Lake) and also easily accessible from Tachileik by bus or shared taxi.

Access And Permits

Foreigners need a permit to travel to Kyaing Tong over land from other parts of Myanmar to the west, and this is by private car only (typically 2 days/1 night from Taunggyi, Inle Lake). Please note that overland travel to Kyaing Tong from other western parts of Myanmar is currently only permitted for foreigners travelling on a border crossing tour with their own vehicle. We will update this website as soon as the situation changes. You are still permitted to fly to Kyaing Tong from other parts of Myanmar (no permit needed) and get there over land from Thailand via Tachileik.

Morning Market

Go to the huge morning market. It's open until 1 PM, but if you go in the early morning it's much livelier and great for people watching. You can see hill tribe women in their traditional costumes shopping and selling their produce. There is a small but interesting food section as well. All in all, it's one of the most interesting and colorful markets in SE Asia.

Naung Tong Lake

The picturesque Naung Tong Lake is situated on the west side of Kyaing Tong and easily accessible by walk.

Standing Buddha

This is located near the Naung Tong lake and also the landmark pagoda of the town.

One Tree Hill

Thit Ta Bin Taung in Burmese, where you will find a huge, solitary 250-year old tree and great views of the area – which are particularly attractive at sunset.

Cultural Museum

Cultural museum of Kyaing Tong displays the costumes, traditional and instruments that are used the hill tribes living in the region such as Ann, Akha, Palaung, Lahu, Lahushi etc.

Pink Tauk Trekking

Pleasant one day trip from Kyaing Tong is driving about 1 hour to Pin Tauk, a beautiful country side where you can do a 7 km trek through 3 local villages , Pan Lea( Ann tribe ),Wan Lar ( Akha tribe )and Nam Lin Mai ( Ann tribe ) giving you a chance to meet and learn about the different minority people in the area. On the way back, stop at Wan Kang ( Shan traditional ) rice whisky distillery. If time permit you can visit to Wan Pauk villag ( Palaung tribe ) .

Lahushi Village

Another day trip from Kyaing Tong is driving about 50 minutes to Kong Ma village ( Wa ) tribe . After that walk about 3 hours trek to Pan Pack (Lahushi) village .This group ,they are well know of Tiger -hunter . Because they have a good experience to trap a wild animals .The altitude of this village is above 1600 meters. Then keep walking to Bar Khar village about 45 minutes for another tribal experience.

Hot Spring

The hot springs 6 kilometres to the west of Kyaing Tong are also worth a visit.

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